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We are a couple who love whisky, and we want to share our enthusiasm for whisky with fellow whisky lovers!
We organise Whisky Tastings which take place at different venues throughout the small coastal town of Kenton-on-Sea. These fun and relaxed events are a great way to enjoy whisky and learn a bit more about it, and are aimed at everyone - from the merely whisky curious, to any whisky novice, whisky enthusiast or whisky lover who would like to taste a range of really good, interesting and delicious whiskies from all over the world without necessarily having to invest in a whole bottle for themselves (at least not before tasting them!).
We also just really enjoy organising our Whisky Tastings, and appreciate the opportunity they provide us to learn more about all sorts of aspects of whisky and whisky making, and to broaden our own whisky palates by enjoying a variety of whiskies with everyone who attends.

We aim to offer one themed Whisky Tasting every one or two months. Dates, times, locations, theme and cost will normally be advertised on our facebook page roughly two weeks prior to each Whisky Tasting. While tickets are available to any member of the public, there are limited spaces available for each event.
Be sure to check out our Facebook page to stay up to date with all our upcoming Whisky Tastings. You can also get in touch via Facebook if you'd like to be added to our 'Kenton on Whisky' WhatsApp Updates group.

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