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"Something Different" Whisky Tasting

Updated: Mar 21

The theme for our 10th whisky tasting that took place on 31 March 2023 was "Something Different", chosen because there was something a little different or unusual about each one of the whiskies we tasted!

Our line up included a whisky from Japan, Shinobu Blended Whisky - different because of the unusual (and now changing) laws in Japan regarding what whiskies can go into a blend. We also tasted Bain's 7 year old Symphony from South Africa - different because of the unique sonic aging process the distillery experimented with. The third whisky we tasted was Loch Lomond's Single Grain whisky - different because, while made exclusively from malted barley, it nevertheless has to be regarded as a grain whisky because of a legal quirk and the manner in which it is distilled. We also tasted a whisky inspired by a rediscovered antique blend that Sir Ernest Shackleton took with him and his team on the Nimrod expedition in 1907 - the whisky, Shackleton, is an attempt to recreate and simulate the original's flavour profile. The fifth whisky we tasted was Wolfburn's Northland, unusual in that it is aged in part in ex-Islay casks which impart a gentle hint of smoke to the whisky. Finally, we tasted Smokehead's Rum Rebel, a single malt from Islay, but one which is shrouded in mystery as the distillery from which it comes from is deliberately kept a secret. Our whisky tasting included our usual welcoming whisky cocktail, as well as snack platters for after the tasting. We were also incredibly fortunate to have an international award-winning piper, Chris Terry, play the bagpipes for at the event.


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