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We organise Whisky Tastings around particular themes (e.g., 'A Tour of Scotland', 'Scottish vs Irish Whiskies', 'Beautiful Blends and Single Malts', etc.). 
Below is a small selection of photos from some of our previous Whisky Tastings which we hope will give a sense of what to expect from our events.

Bespoke Whisky Tastings

We also offer bespoke whisky tastings. For these private whisky tastings, we are able to provide a totally customisable tasting experience to suit your specific requirements.

Bespoke whisky tastings can be a wonderful addition to a bachelor/ette party, a special birthday celebration, a sophisticated end of year corporate function, or just a fun afternoon or evening with friends!

We have a vast array of whiskies at our disposal, and so are able to organise whisky tastings around a number of different themes. We are also able to aim whisky tastings at a variety of audiences - from the merely whisky curious and the whisky novice, to those who are more advanced in their whisky journeys. Our approach is to make our whisky tastings relaxed and fun, but also informative events.

If you're in or around Kenton-on-Sea and interested in a private whisky tasting curated just for you, find us on Facebook and send us a message!


Our Latest News and Tastings

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